These policies should be followed by all users of this wiki.


  1. Remain cordial and kind to other users of the wiki at all times
  2. Swear words used in chat, roleplay, or other pages must have at least one letter taken out with an asterisk.
  3. Do not spam. Spamming includes advertising, writing gibberish, and messing with user's pages or characters
  4. Keep all RP's at a PG-13 or lower rating so all users can feel comfortable here.

Violators will be warned. Continued violations will get the user banned.


  1. Do not make a character until he/she is admitted
  2. Keep RP's realistic. This is a medieval roleplay wiki so modern technology, weapons, etc are not allowed because they do not make sense
  3. Read the Guide.


  1. Do not start a debate on chat. Starting a debate includes talks about politics, religion, worldview, etc. While such topics are not explicitly banned, purposely starting an argument about them will get you kickbanned from chat.
  2. Do not use chat more than three times before your character is approved to prevent spamming and bothering.