The Rebellion
Information Page

The Rebellion is a group of people that have broken off from the four kingdoms and are trying to conquer them. Their headquarters are in the Forest.


Once, the four kingdoms were all one. When they split apart (which was rather recent) a man named Revole wanted his own slice of the kingdom. He begged the counsil, but they were taken aback by his cruel demeanor and refused. He angrily took a group of followers into the forest and now is dedicated to bringing down the kingdoms and taking them for his own.


The Rebellion attracts mainly low lifes or nobles fed up with their position in the court. Witches, dragons, and other evil nymphs are also drawn to join.


To join the Rebellion, someone must speak this oath:

"To lay aside my kin and village

To join these dark and noble ranks

I pledge myself to Revole, rebel

I am, and seek to bring the kingdoms down

I pledge myself to the Rebellion

May I die, this oath I break"


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