WIP As you approach this book, it seems to emanate an old power that is full of truimphs, tragedies and more. You blow the dust off the book and as you open it, you see the words written in flowing handwriting on the first page:

The Lore of this land

Scribed by Masuri Eatros

You proceed to open the book but the book is written not in the common tongue, but in the language of old. You flip through the pages, trying to find a page that is understandable. Finally, you find there is an excerpt that seems to be written in the common tongue and it says:

March 19, 1137 - The War of Oppression

Inscribed here in the common tongue by the great seer and chronicler, Masuri Eatros, is the history of this land, up to the fall of the 4 mighty kingdoms. So is the first part, the War of Oppression.

In the year 1108, in the time of the Great Alliance between the four realms of the United Kingdom of Alben, a threat grew in the south, closest to the Realm of Mephosso. A strong and united coalition of Raiders from the Eastern continent, Corsairs who'd been former merchant seamen of Alben, nobles who were opposed to the High King of Alben's cruel ruling of the people, a small part of the Albenian Armed Forces, and monsters threatened to utterly obliviate the Alben. Immediately seeing this threat, our High King, King Rudolph X, began peace negotiations with their leader, Torence Le Favelier.

Ignoring the High King's attempts at peacve, the war truly began on Decemeber 21st, 1198. Raiders invaded the southern country of Mephosso, burning and pillaging villages as they went. The warriors of Mephosso, with partial aid from the other realms, drove back and held the enemy forces at bay for some time but eventually, the the enemy forces overwhelmed the forces of Alben, defating at the the Battle of Mile Plains and the Battle of the Forked Crossroads. In ligthning fast raids and attacks, the Alliance for the Free Alben, the enemy alliance, had overrun