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Mephosso is one of the four kingdoms in Alben. It is located to the south of Urbudon.


The people who live in Mephosso are a tight mouthed, more stern people. They are hardy warriors and usually shun magic. People in Mephosso usually live in small villages, but the capital of Mephosso is crowded and well populated


Krybur - Krybur is situated on a small lake. It is the smallest of the villages in Mephosso. It's people are hardy, friendly, and small town.

Varnden - Varnden is sheltered next to the tall mountains that seperate Mephosso from the kingdom of Urbudon. It's people are plentiful and more excitable than many other villages in Mephosso.

Dellas Heights - Dellas Heights is the largest village in Mephosso. It's people live right next to a bog where witches are rumored to lurk.

Grocksen - This village has been taken over by the Rebellion and it's people are subjugated under their rule.


The Capital of Mephosso is Greglae. The current King, King Leve, and his royal wife Queen Uria live in the castle.



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