• Peasant - a farmer, carpenter, or other lowly occupation characters of the town
  • Merchant - a character that travels short distances to sell his/her wares, and does not own a store
  • Shop Owner - a character that owns a store in his/her village and sells its wares to the townsfolk
  • Midwife - a nurse character that specializes in childbirth

Level Two potatoEdit

  • Bard - a travelling musician that plays for money
  • Page - an assistant to a Knight, who usually lives in a castle
  • Servant in the Court - this character lives in the castle
  • Nurse - this character is a woman that takes care of the courtier's children
  • Soldier - a simple foot soldier who works in the army of his country
  • All of Level One's jobs are allowed for a level two user

Level Three (carrotEdit

  • Courtier - a minor lord or lady who lives in the castle and does a job
  • Duke/Duchess - a lord or lady who lives in the castle but doesn't do a job
  • Court Physician apprentice - this is only for a character under 15. An apprentice to the Court physician
  • Overseas trader - a trader who goes to other countries and kingdoms to sell his wares
  • Teacher - a man or woman who travels, teaching children
  • Blacksmith - a maker of iron or other metal items

Level Four (leekEdit

  • Court Physician - this is only for a character who started out as a court physician's apprentice. He/She heals the king and courtiers in the castle
  • A council member - a courtier or peasant can now try to get on the countries council
  • Mage - a character who studies magic
  • The leader of a village - a character who leads a village or hamlet
  • Lady in waiting/manservant - a servant to a high ranking person, such as a princess or queen
  • Knight - a valiant knight who goes on quests

Level Five (bananaEdit

  • Queen - a woman of high command in the kingdom.
  • Prince/Princess - the son/daughter of the king
  • Baron/Baroness - a high ranking courtier who may own a village or hamlet
  • General - a soldier who leads people into war

VIP+ - Epic-VIP - Overlord Edit



  • wasted 30 $


  • wasted 15 $

Jobs Edit

Note: Some of the jobs above are available to someone is the Rebellion, for example, blacksmith

Level OneEdit

  • Foot Soldier- a simple soldier who goes on missions against the kingdoms
  • Hag - a woman who brews potions and poisons
  • Alchemist - a person who brews draughts, either to help or to hurt the drinker
  • Doctor - an emergency medic
  • Magic Apprentice - someone under 15 who is apprenticed to a Mage

Level TwoEdit

  • Servant - usually to a mage, or a leader of the rebellion
  • Apprentice Assassin
  • Seer - a prophet prone to visions and who can sometimes predict the future

Level ThreeEdit

  • Mage - a person who studies magic
  • Assault Leader - a person who can lead small fights against the enemy
  • Physician - the personal physician to a leader
  • Assassin - a person in a group of assassins

Level FourEdit

  • Sorcerer - a high level mage who can create large spells
  • Advisor - usually to a leader of the rebellion
  • Council Member
  • Leader of a Troop - this person can lead larger assaults against the enemy

Level FiveEdit

  • Assistant to the leader - (kind of like the queen to the king)
  • General - a main leader of the army
  • Assassin Leader
  • High Mage - a truly fearsome magic maker

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