This is the guide for the Medieval Kingdoms Roleplay Wiki.

Getting StartedEdit

First step, create a user profile on wikia. Anonymous users will not be able to be admitted. Secondly, go to the Entrance page and create your character. Reference the Jobs page if you need help with the occupations. Follow this basic layout in your Entrance form:

Name: Obvious, put name here


Kingdom Choice: Put either Elsion, Kariya, Urbudon, Mephosso, or the Rebellion in this spot.

Job Choices: Put two or three job choices you'd like to have here. While it's not guaranteed your first choice will be filled, it will be taken heavily into account.

History: Put a few sentences about your character's past here. Parents, where they come from, other details, likes, dislikes, etc.

Put your signature at the end with the four ~, like this {{SUBST:User:StarlinSkyrim/sig}} 04:17, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

Creating a PageEdit

Once you have been admitted, click create a page and type your character's name in. Fill in the details about your character on their page, similar to the form. Add a picture. Make sure you check the Image Policy to make sure it is within wiki rules.

Role PlayingEdit

There are several location pages in each kingdom. Role play by writing your character's name in the comments at the bottom of the page. Check the Role Play Policy to figure out how to do this.

To Roleplay, create a template word Bubble for your character. To do this, create a new page that is called "Template:<Your Character's Name>" without the < and the ". On the page, paste this code in:

{{Word Bubble
|image      = just the image name, no file: or brackets
|color      = top bg color
|color2     = bottom bg color
|textcolor  = top txt color
|textcolor2 = bottom txt color
|line       = middle line color
|fonttype   = font style
|charname   = * how you want their name to appear
|charpage   = * page with char info, (actual page/character name)
|village      = *Name of kingdom he/she lives in (ex: Mephosso)
|village2  = *name of kingdom he/she live in/or the Rebellion
|title      = *job, ex: king, farmer, librarian
|time       = * text under name and sig
|text       = bottom text

Fill in the fields and save. To fill in the colors, either put in a word, like 'purple', 'white', or 'black', or if you want a more interesting colors, go to Wikipedia's list of colors article and fill in the number for the color you want, remebering to put # before it. If you need help, ask StarlinSkyrim and she can make it for you.

To roleplay, use your character's template word bubble. The code on the comment would look like this:

{{<name of template>|Put the words you want to say here}} excluding the <>. 

Have fun! If you have any questions, ask StarlinSkyrim